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Over the last few years material of this quality has become exceptionally hard to find and prices have almost doubled. From a small collection, these pieces have outrageous fire and the best possible color saturation. Please note: This rare piece is currently available to purchase in our Ebay Store (Click link above). Alternatively contact me directly at : julian@royalegems.com

Natural Zircon


Best Royal Blue


Antique Cushion


Mixed brilliant  

Origin: Cambodia               

 Weight: 6.35 ct

Gentle Heat

 Size: 9.5 x 8.7 x 7.4 mm

ID Code:

            6.35 Ct High End Natural Cambodian Royal Blue Zircon.   Price:  $1250.00
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      Even before the times of Angkor Wat and Cambodia's ancient Khmer civilization, Zircon has been highly treasured due to its incredible dispersion (fire) and exceptional brilliance.  Hand picked from the primitive, mines at Ratanakiri, literally meaning 'Gemstone Mountain', in the remote jungles of northeastern Cambodia, this stunning piece is a shining example of some of the finest Blue Zircon currently available.    

     In the 16th century, during the time of the Renaissance, Blue Zircon was prized by the wealthy Italian merchants of Venice and Genoa and later, in the 1880's, by the Victorians, when it was very fashionable in high end jewelry. Alternatively known as Hyacinth (after the Purple-Blue flower) and more recently, 'Starlight' - for obvious reasons, Cambodian Blue Zircon is currently enjoying its own Renaissance in the United States as demand grows due to the increasingly popularity of this truly brilliant gemstone.    

                           Please note that the photograph of this stone was taken under natural lighting conditions and has not been enhanced.

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Clarity Grading

I 1,2,3
Internally flawless;
free from inclusions.
Microscopic inclusions,difficult
to see under 10x
magnification. Usually
invisible to the unaided
Minor inclusions,
very hard to see
under close scrutiny
of the unaided eye.
The overall appearance
of the gem is in no
way diminished.
Minor inclusions,.
sometimes visible
under close scrutiny
of the unaided eye.
The overall appearance
of the gem is not diminished.
Slightly included.
Inclusions not usually visible to the unaided eye at arms length.
Slightly included.
Inclusions only 
just visible to
the unaided eye
at arms length.

Included. Easily
visible inclusions under 10x
Sometimes visible at arms length.